The Conference

In attracting about 400 participants from more than 20 countries the 16th International Conference on New Actuators is the most important market place to meet leading international specialists, to share their expertise and to start business co-operations in the field of new actuator technologies.

ACTUATOR has been the key forum promoting actuators based on smart materials and micro technologies as well as their applications in all areas of engineering for more than twenty years now. Over the years a huge variety of excellent ideas and results have been reported. A lot of them have been raised from vision to mass product. Among the success stories you will find quite a number of established applications of new actuators, in particular their well-known use in fuel injection, adaptive shock absorbers, nanopositioning, precision engineering like cameras lenses and other applications of miniaturised drives.

In this way, ACTUATOR has launched the realisation of new product generations whose compactness and performance had not been able in conventional technologies. Small wonder that based on this ignition, new actuators are now rapidly opening up new markets.

Conference Focus

Technological Topics

  • Actuators based on ER / MR fluids
  • Low-power electromagnetic actuators
  • Magnetic shape memory actuators
  • Magnetostrictive actuators
  • Micro / nano actuators
  • Piezoelectric actuators
  • Polymer actuators
  • Shape memory actuators
  • Shape memory polymer actuators
  • Emerging actuation principles

Application-oriented Topics

  • Active vibration / active noise control
  • Actuator control
  • Adaptronics
  • Aerospace applications
  • Automation / micro robotics / robotics
  • Automotive applications
  • Haptic / tactile applications
  • (Bio) Medical applications / medical engineering
  • Microfluidic handling devices
  • Micro / nano manipulation / micro / nano positioning
  • Microscopy / scanning probe microscopy
  • Piezomotors
  • Pneumatics

Conference Venue

The conference will be held in the Congress Center Bremen (CCB) just a three minutes' walk away from the main station, the exhibiton will take place in the adjacent Hall 4.1 of the Exhibition Center.

Conference Language

The official conference language is English; there will be no simultaneous translation.

The print version of the Conference Programme of ACTUATOR 2018 is ready for download as a pdf-file (1.4 MB), now.